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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tatiana Korotkova


Geschäftsführende Direktorin

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Tatiana Korotkova

Sekretariat Vorzimmer
Andreas Scheer
Tel.: +49-221-478-6950
Fax  : +49-221-478-3538


Employment and research experience:

Since 04/2019          Full Professor (W3), Managing Director of Institute for Vegetative Physiology, Faculty             
                                    of Medicine, University of Cologne. Head of Research Area 3 of the Cluster of
                                    Excellence "Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-associated Diseases" (CECAD). Head             
                                    of the Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research (CGA). Vice Chair of the Research
                                    Training Group "Neural Circuit Analysis on the Cellular and Subcellular Level".
04/2017-03/2020     Max Planck Research Group Leader (W2), Max Planck Institute for Metabolism             
                                    Research, Cologne;
08/2012-03/2017     Junior group leader, NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence / Leibniz Institute for Molecular             
                                     Pharmacology (FMP), Berlin;
01/2011-07/2012      Project leader, NeuroCure / FMP Institute, Berlin;
10/2009-12/2010      Postdoctoral researcher, Department „Physiology and Pathology of Ion Transport“             
                                     (Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. T.J. Jentsch), FMP Institute, Berlin;
08/2005-09/2009      Postdoctoral fellow of the Ernst Schering Foundation; postdoctoral researcher,           
                                     Department of Clinical Neurobiology, University Clinic for Neurology, Heidelberg,             
                                     Germany (Director: Prof. H. Monyer);
08/2003-07/2005      postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Neurophysiology, Heinrich Heine University,                 
                                     Dusseldorf, Germany (Director: Prof. H.L. Haas).


1995-2000    Diploma, Biology, Physiology; Department of Human and Animal Physiology,   Biological         
                        Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Honors degree.

2000-2003    PhD (Dr.rer.nat.), Institute of Neurophysiology, Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf,         
                        Germany. Supervisors: Dr. R.E. Brown, Prof. H.L. Haas. Ph.D. thesis "Hypothalamic modulation         
                        of the midbrain dopaminergic system". Magna cum laude.

Supervision of graduate and Master students:
7 Ph.D. students, 7 Master students.  

Awards: ERC Consolidator Grant (2017); GIF Regular Program Grant (2015); The Junior Brain Prize, Lundbeck
Foundation (2013); The Human Frontier Science Program Grant (2012); short-listed for professor positions: W3:
I, accepted (2019); W2: III (2014); W1 (with tenure track to W2): I (2012); W2: III (2012); postdoctoral stipend of
the Ernst Schering Foundation (2005-2007); postdoctoral stipend of DFG graduate college (2003-2005);
doctoral stipend of DFG graduate college (2002-2003).

Awards to students: HFSP Long-term Fellowship 2019 (to Franziska Bender); Finalist of the FENS-Kavli PhD Prize
(2018) (to Marta Carus-Cadavieco); 2017 Vanier Scholarship, McGill University (to Suzanne van der Veldt); The
Junior Brain Prize, Lundbeck Foundation (2017) (to Marta Carus-Cadavieco); 9 travel awards (FENS, NENS,
NWG, RIKEN, FMP), 5 Young Investigator talks, 2 Best poster awards.

Talks (2017-2019): 16, including FENS Brain Conference 2017, Keystone Symposia 2017, EMBO|EMBL
Symposium 2017, ESIsync, Frankfurt 2017, Schering Foundation 2017, Bonn Brain Conference 2018; caesar,
2018; FENS Forum 2018, DNF Lausanne 2018; Munich Winter Conference on Stress (2019), Bochum Memory
Conference 2019, EMBO/EMBL 2019, UCL London, 2019, University of Geneva, 2019.

Ad hoc Reviewer: Nature, Science, Nature Medicine, Nature Neuroscience, Molecular Psychiatry, eLife, PLOS
Biology, Frontiers in Neuroscience, Medical Research Council (MRC).